TAYLOR SWIFT revealed more about her new “Red” album on “Good Morning America” on Monday, celebrity news has learned.

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Wearing an appropriate red dress and her signature crimson lip color, Taylor Swift dished about her “most adventurous” album titled “Red,” which shot to the #1 spot on iTunes just minutes after it was released on Sunday midnight, during an appearance on “Good Morning America” earlier today.

As we may now know, this one’s also not all about bitter breakups and cheating exes and they do include empowering songs (like “Begin Again”) as well as her real life experiences.

About how different her new album is, which she defined as her “most adventurous album” yet, she admitted to host George Stephanopolous:

“I think, for me, I tended to really explore the edges of what I’m allowed to do [in this album].”

She continued:

“Pushing myself and taking myself out of my comfort zone, which is writing alone and going and working with my heroes, songwriters that have influenced me my whole career. It really, really kind of challenged me in the best way possible.”

Swift also spoke of the first single off the album titled “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which was written to drive her ex “absolutely crazy”:

“I maybe said that one place… on a bad day.”

She then explained:

“My fans know that I’m going to give them the real version of what happened to me in my music and they know that what they read about [me in] blogs and gossip sites may or may not be true.”

Perhaps that was why her estranged ex, John Mayerreportedly “presumed” that her “Dear John” song was about him. But then again, we still think so…

Anyway, Swift also said of her real fans who can get a deeper glimpse of her true self in her new album:

“They can kind of tell if it’s true or not because they know me.”

The country songstress also talked about her life as a famous songwriter-singer, her favorite TV shows and what makes her smile (other than her new love, Connor Kennedy, that is!).

Watch her interview below:

Do you already have a copy of Taylor‘s new album?

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