In recent star news, BROOKE BURKE has announced in a public video that she has thyroid cancer.

Oh no…

brooke burke cancer

A completely bare-faced Brooke Burke has revealed that she will have to undergo a thyroid surgery and a thyroidectomy—removal of her thyroid gland—to finally put an end to her battle with thyroid cancer.

The “Dancing with the Stars” co-host, who admitted that she found a nodule in her thyroid a few months back, also tells her fans about how she found out about the “bad news” in a YouTube video that she shared on her ModernMom blog on Thursday.

Burke also says she actually feels “really good” despite the scary diagnosis.

She added:

“I’m ready to deal with it, and I’m going to be fine. And I feel really strong.”

We hope you get well soon, Brooke!

Watch her shocking announcement below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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