BRITNEY SPEARS, DEMI LOVATO and KHLOE KARDASHIAN all hit the red carpet for Fox’s “X Factor” Season 2 Finalists Party on Monday.

Check them out:

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First up, of course, is the resident “mean” judge of “X Factor”—Britney Spears.

Now we all know she’s been working hard to tone her bod, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from this incredibly boring and unflattering all-black ensemble, which included a black, long-sleeved All Saints dress and a pair of strappy black Herve Leger shoes.

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Either Brit was in mourning over her horrendous hair and makeup, or her stylist was feeling extra lazy.

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Stringy hair, uneven blush, and overdone smokey eyes completed her look.

Nothing against Britney, of course—we’d love to see her looking her best! Unfortunately, it was just not her night.

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Next up is the show’s female host, Khloe Kardashian.

It was total déjà vu when we saw her hit the red carpet in a long-sleeved black turtleneck dress by Skaist-Taylor, which she paired with black pointed-toe Gianvitto Rossi pumps and silver dangling earrings.

Maybe her stylist wanted her and Britney to match.

But to be fair, Khloe did look great—very sexy and sultry. And she didn’t even have to show off her nipples!

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The sleek hair and ruby red lips were a nice touch.

Meanwhile, Demi Lovato, the youngest “X Factor” judge, was the only one who opted not to wear black to the event.

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Known for her edgy rocker style, Demi stood out in a red dress and a black leather jacket with spiked shoulders.

Black peep-toe pumps completed the outfit.

Though we commend her for trying to bring some color to the red carpet, Demi’s outfit wasn’t really anything to write home about—and just like Britney, her makeup was awful.

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A topknot, an unflattering strong brow, and red lips finished her look.

Whose look do you prefer?

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