Star news has just learned that CHARLIE SHEEN gave LINDSAY LOHAN $100,000 to help her pay off her tax debt.

How generous!

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Despite all her misfortunes, which includes a possible probation revocation, a previously secret half-sister, and spectacularly negative reviews for her performance in “Liz & Dick” as Elizabeth Taylor, Lindsay apparently had something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving—her good friend, Charlie Sheen!

The unlikely duo reportedly became tight during all those times they spent in bed together while filming “Scary Movie 5” back in September, and the result was that Lindsay received a $100,000 check from the generous warlock to help her pay off her tax debt.

TMZ reports:

“During their bonding period, we’re told Lindsay and Charlie talked about everything — and at one point, Lindsay mentioned her ongoing tax problems… We’re told Charlie offered to cut her a check then and there to get the IRS off her tail, but Lindsay refused.”

Obviously, Charlie didn’t take “no” for an answer. Despite Lindsay’s protests, he wrote a check anyway and sent it to one of the actress’ people last week.

TMZ continues:

“We’re told Lindsay was blown away by Charlie‘s generosity — and immediately applied the money to her outstanding tax bill.”

Thanks to Charlie, Lindsay’s outstanding tax debt of $233,904 has now been cut in half.

Wasn’t that nice of him?

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