CHRIS BROWN‘s recent Twitter feud with comedian JENNY JOHNSON is considered “verbal rape,” at least according to a host on “The View.”

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Chris Brown‘s vulgar tweets during his controversial Twitter fight with comedy writer Jenny Johnson has been likened to “verbal rape” by “The View” co-host, Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

As previously reported, the “Don’t Judge Me” singer-rapper—who shut down his Twitter account after the feud—sent revolting messages to Johnson suggesting that she perform sexual acts after she sent him an insult out of nowhere.

Hasselbeck described the tweets as “disgusting” on Monday’s episode of “The View,” and said:

“It seems like verbal rape to me.”

She added:

“What he wrote should never ever have to go across any sort of Twitter feed… It was vile.”

Her co-host, actress Whoopi Goldberg, disagreed with the term but said:

“Both were verbally assaulting each other.”

Who do you agree with on this one?

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