According to Hollywood celebrity gossip, CONOR KENNEDY supports his ex-girlfriend TAYLOR SWIFT‘s rumored relationship with One Direction member, HARRY STYLES.

No way?

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Conor Kennedy, who became single after he and Taylor Swift broke up almost a month ago, reportedly has no hard feelings about her seeing the resident One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles.

You know what this means—either the 18-year-old Kennedy heir was dumped for whatever reason or they really just had an amicable split.

And according to a source close to Conor, it was the latter. The insider reportedly told Hollywood Life:

“[Conor and Taylor] are still friendly, and they still talk, and he believes there still is a spark, but they live separate lives, so he supports Taylor with her relationship with Harry.”

The statement continued:

“He is happy for her in whatever she does. The break was a healthy break with no drama, so he has no reason to be upset.”

In fact, it was reportedly so healthy that he didn’t even have to make her promise not to write about him.

“[Conor] isn’t worrying about a song made about him and doesn’t believe there is a song about him on her new album.”

How mature of him, right?

Still, something tells us it’s too early to find out. But knowing Taylor, we’ll probably find the answer in her upcoming songs!

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