Celebrity news tells us ELLEN DEGENERES talked directly to RIHANNA‘s crotch during the singer’s visit on Ellen‘s talk show on Wednesday.

Yes, that happened!

rihanna ellen

Ellen DeGeneres did the unexpected when Rihanna returned on her show on Wednesday… and it’s even funnier than her scare tactics!

DeGeneres, who once interviewed the Barbadian singer last year about her then “nonexistent” dating life that was unfortunately “not good for me, not good for her” (by her, RiRi meant her lady parts), took the chance to ask how “she” was doing these days.

Rihanna proudly declared:

“She’s having a little more fun now. Hooray for her, right?”

Like that wasn’t more than enough to shock us all, the married lesbian host then bent down to congratulate Rihanna‘s vagina.


And before we take longer by speculating whether or not it’s because of the newly single and mingling Chris Brown, watch the mildly R-Rated interview below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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