According to the latest Hollywood gossip, EMMA STONE is a wedding officiant now.

No kidding!

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Clearly, Emma Stone is not just limited to being a fabulous, Golden Globe nominated actress, a chic fashion icon, and Andrew Garfield‘s leading lady and girlfriend.

The stunning blonde, who has been keeping busy with a slew of blockbuster films these past two years, officiated a wedding over the weekend in Ojai, California between her publicist, Holly Shakoor, and her “Gangster Squad” director, Ruben Fleischer.

It was only fitting that Stone be the one to preside over the couple’s nuptials, for if it wasn’t for her, they never would have met—she was the one who introduced the two, after having worked with Fleischer in 2009 for “Zombieland.”

But seriously… wedding officiant?

What can’t you do, Emma?!

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