According to the latest Hollywood news, GABRIEL AUBRY was ticked off by HALLE BERRY‘s fiance, OLIVIER MARTINEZ, which ultimately started their brutal fight at Halle‘s home on Thursday morning.

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A testosterone-driven brawl at Halle Berry‘s home caused her two lovers to be sent to the hospital and one of them to be cuffed and charged on Thanksgiving day.

As previously reported, the actress’ ex-boyfriend was arrested after starting a fight with her French fiance, Olivier Martinez, although no specific reason for it was disclosed. Jealousy, maybe?

And it could be. An updated report by TMZ reveals it was Olivier who walked up to Gabriel and told him the words:

“We have to move on.”

The approach could have been peaceful but perhaps Gabriel thought they could finally “move on” if they battled each other once and for all?

But whatever it was, it looks like Olivier really annoyed Gabriel, causing his fiancee’s model ex-boyfriend to throw sucker punches at him.

A new report by People also stated that an “emergency protective order was granted” to keep Aubry at least 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier and Nahla.

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