HALLE  BERRY admitted to entertainment news that she actually met her fiancé, OLIVIER MARTINEZ, on the set of a “sh*t movie.”

How bittersweet!

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Halle Berry sat down with host Chelsea Handler on Tuesday for a pretty candid interview about the foundations of her relationship with confirmed fiancé, Olivier Martinez, as well as the “crapshoot” of selecting which Hollywood projects to undertake.

Speaking about how film projects don’t always turn out the way actors expect them to be, the “Cloud Atlas” star admitted on “Chelsea Lately”:

“You don’t expect it to be as bad as it is sometimes. Then it comes out, and you think, ‘F**k, that’s what I did?’”

But then again, her shark thriller flop, “Dark Tide”—where she co-starred with Martinez during filming in 2010, the same year she broke up with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry—wasn’t a complete waste.

Handler pointed out:

“Even when a movie ends up crappy, other good things can come out of it. You met your fiancé on a movie.”

Halle corrected her:

“On a sh*t movie.”

Well, it’s Halle Berry… she can say that!

On the other hand, we’re a teensy bit interested in watching “Dark Tide” again just to see Halle and Olivier‘s early chemistry…

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