HALLE BERRY is thinking of retiring from acting for her daughter NAHLA‘s safety, according to the latest Hollywood celebrity gossip.

For real?!

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Halle Berry wants nothing more than to protect her 4-year-old daughter Nahla from the media—other than from her dad, Gabriel Aubry, judging from the new restraining order—so she’s willing to give up her lucrative acting career just to keep her safe.

She now reportedly thinks that a time out from Hollywood is the next best thing (if not the last resort) to keep Nahla away from the tabloids, since her recent custody battle with Aubry—where she lost the chance to move with her daughter to her fiancé Olivier Martinez‘s home country, France–didn’t work out.

A source told Radar Online of the actress:

“Now that a court has ruled Halle can’t move to France permanently, she feels she’s left with no alternative but to quit her career.”

The source continued:

“It may seem pretty dramatic, but Halle doesn’t know what else she can do to stop the tabloids writing about her.”

As for why exactly Halle thinks keeping her daughter away from the media is better, the insider explained:

Halle thinks that Nahla’s upbringing has been far from ideal. Her picture is taken by photographers all over the world whenever she’s with her mom, and Halle would hate to think that Nahla may come to believe that’s a natural occurrence.”

But then of course, Nahla‘s not the first celebrity kid who’s been followed by the paps since she was born and the others have been handling it pretty well.

It has not been the case for Halle, who has insisted on minimizing her projects to focus more on her daughter’s upbringing. The insider revealed:

“In the last few years, she has worked on only a handful of films, so she can dedicate most of her time to Nahla.”

The insider added:

“She also thought that would make her less of a target for the paparazzi, but with all the drama going on in her personal life that hasn’t been the case.”

True enough, Nahla name has been hitting tabloids more since her dad and Olivier brawled on Thanksgiving morning reportedly over her.

But no matter how quitting Hollywood sounds like a cool idea, Halle obviously has to think it through.

The source said:

“But she made a life as an actress, an Oscar-winning one too, so it would be hard for her to just quit.”

What do you think? Should Halle quit her acting career to protect her daughter?

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