Jacob finally meets vampire Bella for the first time in the newly released extended clip from “Breaking Dawn-Part 2.”

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We’ve sen quite a few trailers for “Breaking Dawn-Part 2″ showing the impending battle between the good vampires—Edward, Bella, the rest of the Cullen family—and the unforgiving Volturi, as well as their young half-vamp half-human daughter, Renesmee.

Most importantly, we’ve seen Jacob’s first meeting with vampire Bella where he tells her, “I didn’t expect you to seem so… you.”

But during Taylor Lautner and the newly reunited couple Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart‘s first sit-down interview together on MTV News, they introduced an extended clip from the movie that shows the rest of Jacob’s conversation with Bella. He even asks her to smell his wolfish scent!

Watch the never-before-seen movie clip below:

Photos Via Video Screen Grab

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