How exactly does JENNIFER LAWRENCE feel about gaining weight for movie roles?

This is how: “Hell yeah!”

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Despite being the second youngest actress to ever become an Oscar nominee, the stunning actress continues to rely on self-deprecation whenever she does an interview—something that you rarely see in a Hollywood actress.

Lawrence, who describes herself as an “overweight” girl by Hollywood standards, spoke with the New York Times about her upcoming romantic movie, “Silver Linings Playbook”—directed by David O. Russell—and revealed her reaction when she found out that she had to gain a bit of weight for her role as the sex-crazed widow who starts an affair with Bradley Cooper.

She shares:

“I was like, ‘Hell, yeah!’… That never happens in a movie.”

Continuing with the self-bashing, Jennifer then made fun of how she sounded when she had to lower her already deep voice to play her character, Tiffany. She says:

“I think I sound like a hermit… a deep, chain-smoking hermit.”

As many of you may be aware of, Jennifer had absolutely no problem dealing with the physical demands of her role as Katniss Everdeen in the “Hunger Games”—she even excelled in archery, which is her character’s main skill. But one physical thing that the statuesque beauty would have second thoughts over is… dancing. The “Winter’s Bone” star explains:

“When I dance, I look like I’m a dad at a prom… I never grasped my limbs. Ever since puberty I’ve just kind of felt like we don’t understand each other.”

Okay, now we can’t wait to see her dance.

“Silver Linings Playbook” hits theaters on November 21.

Will you be watching?

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