JIMMY FALLON did another installment of his “ROBERT PATTINSON is bothered” skit and this time, he’s bothered about Thanksgiving.

jimmy fallon robert is bothered thanksgiving

Another holiday has arrived and it was, once again, time for another one of Jimmy Fallon‘s semi-famous parody series of “Robert is bothered” on his comedic “Late Night” show.

In the new video, Fallon still dresses up like the “World’s Sexiest Man” Robert Pattinson‘s brooding “Twilight’ character, climbs up a tree and focuses his anger on Thanksgiving.

Robert,” who has expressed his problem towards Valentine’s Day and Christmas shopping in the past on his RobertIsBothered.com website, says the Turkey holiday really “bothers me.”

Fallon (as Pattinson) argued in a British accent:

“Thanksgiving is stupid. Which day is it anyway? Oh, I know… It’s the fourth Thursday in November. What kind of day is that?!”

He ranted about its stupid traditions:

“Thanksgiving sucks. Turkeys are stupid. They bother me. Stuffing’s cooked in a butt. Not sanity!”


Watch the video below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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