The latest Hollywood news reports that JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ hooked up again this week and just days after they broke up.

Does this mean they’re back together?

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Just when we thought Selena Gomez was dead set on cutting Justin Bieber out of her life after they broke up two weeks ago—reportedly because of another woman—they were caught having a “24-hour rendezvous,” which included a sleep over.

Perhaps it was one of the Biebs‘ plans to convince her take him back… and it looks like its working.

TMZ reported:

Bieber had a driver take him to LAX Wednesday night, where they picked up Selena … and rolled over to her home. We’re told Bieber spent the night at SG’s place.”

They refused to part ways the next morning so together, they headed to Beverly Hills’ Four Seasons Hotel but they went in separately, which the site presumed was “so no one would snap a shot of them together.”


Their fans are probably jumping up and down in their computer chairs right now, but we’ve yet to hear if this actually means the split is off.

Are you hoping that JB and SG have reunited?

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