KATY PERRY celebrated Halloween dressed as Daria’s best friend, Jane Lane, while her close pal, actress SHANNON WOODWARD, went as Daria herself.

Check out their costumes:

Instead of going as a sexy fairytale character or a sparkly mermaid, Katy Perry uncharacteristically decided to ring in the spooky holiday by dressing up as one of the angsty characters from the now-defunct MTV animated series, Daria.

We’re used to Katy wearing rainbows and candy and glitter, so it was surprising to see her in such a non-Katy costume. But perhaps she was feeling a bit angsty herself since she had just endured an awkward run-in with her ex-husband Russell Brand a few days before…

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with the show Daria, here’s what the animated versions of Daria and Jane Lane look like:


It would have been kind of cool if she had done a couple costume with her on-again-off-again boyfriend John Mayer, but obviously, she decided to do a best friend costume with “Raising Hope” star Shannon Woodward instead.

What can you say about Katy’s out-of-character costume?

Photo Via Katy Perry‘s Twitter

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