The latest entertainment news tells us KRISTEN BELL just might appear in the final episode of “Gossip Girl,” where she plays the voice of the anonymous narrator.

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Since the beginning, Kristen Bell has voiced “Gossip Girl” on the hit CW show and sources reveal that she will be appearing in the concluding episode of the show’s wrapped up season 6 finale.

Although it is being rumored that the mysterious character will be unveiled on the final episode, it is unclear of the pregnant actress played that role—before she got her baby bump, of course.

What’s sure, however, is that Bell has recorded her final voice-over for the series just hours after the news was reported on Friday.

She tweeted:

“The saddest day I’ve had in a while. Last day on #gossipgirl. I’ll miss you, you snarky bitch.”

Would you like to see Kristen as Gossip Girl on the final episode?

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