KRISTEN STEWART revealed to star news that her dad’s a “total famewhore” who keeps dropping Kristen‘s name… but only because he’s insanely proud of his famous daughter!

Unfortunately, his sweet act does not fail to cause some embarrassment to Kristen

kristen stewart on conan obrien

Kristen Stewart started becoming a household name for her repeated appearances as the madly in love Bella Swan (now Cullen) in the “Twilight” film saga—with her last in the recently premiered “Breaking Dawn-Part 2″—but amazingly, the awkward actress has remained grounded.

However, we can’t speak for her dad, Joe Stewart, who can’t help but brag about his little kid, who is now a huge celebrity, whenever he can.

In an interview earlier this week with Conan O’Brien, a fidgety Kristen shared how her dad’s been dealing with her success:

“Oh, he loves it. He’s a total famewhore.”

The actress then recalled a moment when her father, who has admitted to wearing “I am Kristen Stewart‘s dad” shirts in public, talked to random stranger and introduced himself as the “Twilight” actress’ father during a plane ride.

She admitted:

“It’s the most embarrassing thing in the world.”

Watch the hilarious interview below, where she also talked about finally quitting smoking and introduced her favorite YouTube video:

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