KRISTEN STEWART recently snapped at a reporter who tried to ask her about her personal relationship with ROBERT PATTINSON, telling the poor interviewer that he/she knew “nothing.”

Easy now, Kristen!

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Not even Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson can stop the obsessive media and their fans from being heavily interested in their personal life, especially after the actress’ cheating scandal hit Hollywood news in July and now that they are consistently on talk shows to promote their movie, “Breaking Dawn-Part 2,” in which they comprise their roles as the famous cold-blooded onscreen sweethearts.

The pair have graciously avoided the million dollar question—are they officially back together?—previously, with Kristen admitting that she plans to “keep them guessing” and Robert repeatedly (and coyly) changing the topic.

But in a new interview conducted this week alongside “Twilight” creator Stephenie Meyer, it seems the actress has had it.

Kristen told the Los Angeles Times:

“People are just going to write the movie version of your life and consume it the way they please. I get the inclination to be entertained by that as well, so go for it. Have at it. Take it. Take it.”

She continued:

“But you knew nothing about my relationship before. You know less now. How could you?”

Robsten became more famous because of their off screen relationship and it would be really sad if they were no longer an item.

We just want to be updated, Kristen!

Do you think she was overreacting or was it long overdue?

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