LADY GAGA rolls around in cake and icing in her lace underwear in the new music video teaser for her latest song, “Cake.”


Gaga’s much-awaited music video, which was directed by renowned photographer Terry Richardson, is shaping up to be the raunchiest video she’s done so far—and that’s saying something, considering the fact that the singer’s videos almost always show her naked, or dancing in her underwear, or having sex with someone… weird mermaid sex, even.

The 26-year-old superstar posted a super raunchy 20-second teaser for her upcoming video for “Cake,” in which she is seen writing around on what appears to be a smashed caked and a whole lot of icing while clad in a pair of skimpy lace underwear.


And that’s not all—after getting herself all dirty and covered in icing, Gaga then proceeds to wash herself in a gigantic hot tub with her back to the camera… in nothing but a G-string.



Photos Via Video Screen Grabs

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