LINDSAY LOHAN reacted to news about her newly revealed secret half-sister, ASHLEY HORN, during her appearance on “Good Morning America” earlier today.

And by the looks of it, she had no idea that she even had one…

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During her lengthy interview on “Good Morning America” today as part of her promotion for her Elizabeth Taylor biopic on Lifetime, “Liz & Dick,” Lindsay Lohan faced a question about her estranged dad, Michael, being the confirmed as the father of a 17-year-old love child named Ashley Horn during a televised DNA test on “The Tricia Goddard Show” yesterday.

The answer, however, was quite unexpected as the actress seemed to be learning about her secret half-sister for the first time.

LiLo, who let her jaw hang for a millisecond after being asked, told host Amy Robach:

“I didn’t even hear that, so thanks for the news, I don’t pay attention to any of it.”

But then again, she’s an actress. She was probably could have been lying about her knowledge of Ashley since the latter and her mom already made press four years ago when they wanted money insisted on child support from Michael.

Or perhaps Lindsay simply got confused with her illegitimate siblings since Michael is currently expecting another child with his knocked up ex-girlfriend, Kate Major.

Either way, she obviously doesn’t care about any kind of news about her dad.

She admitted:

“I don’t even wanna get into that, because I wanna stay on the positive side of things.”

The actress seemed to lighten up when she talked about her movies, including her upcoming lackluster retro flick, “The Canyons,” her ride as Liz Taylor and keeping herself on set where “it’s safer.”

Check out her reaction below following the 2:20 mark:

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