LINDSAY LOHAN was reportedly wasted on booze and drugs before she was arrested for allegedly assaulting someone, according to recent Hollywood news.

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Last year, Lindsay vowed to stay away from drugs and alcohol for the rest of her life… but as expected, her resolve didn’t stay ironclad for long.

The troubled actress, who was arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly punching an unnamed woman at a New York nightclub, was reportedly very wasted on booze and illegal drugs the night the supposed bar fight occurred.

An insider tells

Lindsay was completely out of control. She was drinking way too much booze and was doing cocaine.”

And it was this, of course, that made the actress extra aggressive when she got into a confrontation at the club.

The source then explains:

“The whole thing started when the girl in the club asked to take a picture with Lindsay. Lindsay said no and was really rude about it, so the girl just continued dancing with her friends.”

But LiLo apparently had a stick up her butt that night (and some alcohol in her bloodstream), which is why she ended up instigating a fight with the female clubgoer… even though she was totally unprovoked. The eyewitness shares:

Lindsay was just looking for trouble. She totally sucker-punched that girl in the face out of nowhere! Nobody saw it coming… [She] went wild. She was kicking and screaming, cursing at the girl and then spit at her. The girl looked like she wanted to fight back at Lindsay, but was too startled by all the commotion to react.”

Whether this is all true or not, it’s really not all that hard to believe… especially since it’s Lindsay Lohan we’re talking about here.

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