MADONNA stripped on stage for some Hurricane Sandy cash donations from her concert crowd, according to entertainment news.

Of course she did…

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More and more celebrities are contributing to the relief of Hurricane Sandy victims by donating money and an assortment of relief goods.

And in order to join the bandwagon (well, sort of), Madonna did what she loved during her concert in Madison Square Garden last Monday—baring her skin and putting on a show for her audience—in exchange for dollar bills.

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The “Material Girl” started by reflecting on her visit to the city’s devastated Rockaways area then she asked her fans to throw money on stage as she bared her behind for all to see.

The controversial pop star told them:

“This money is not for me. We are collecting money for victims of Hurricane Sandy, so please feel free to be generous as I freeze my a** off up here for you.”


Now it’s not considered slutty if you strip for a good cause… right?

Watch Madonna‘s little fund-raising stunt below:

Photos By PR Photos / Video Screen Grab

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