MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY has finally gone on record to defend his scary weight loss, saying that he lost all the weight “in a really healthy way.”

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Matthew McConaughey used to have one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood… but not anymore. After undergoing a drastic weight loss for his intense role in “The Dallas Buyers Club,” the sexy actor, who used to look so good shirtless, is now nothing but skin and bones.

Over the last few months, celebrity gossip websites have been posting photos of the recently married actor’s new physique, and it’s got fans expressing distress over his alarming transformation.

(See his frighteningly skinny new body HERE)

Matthew, however, is not the least bit worried.

He tells The Daily Beast:

“I feel fine. I really do… I got the means to lose the weight in a really healthy way. I’m eating fresh fish. I’m just eating small amounts. I’m not being starved…I’m taking care of myself.”

The “Magic Mike” star continues:

“I’ve been checked. My levels are fine. I’m as healthy as can be.”

Well, that’s good. But still, healthy or not, we’re sure a lot of you McConaughey fans out there would love to see him back to his former, muscular self.

Unfortunately, he probably won’t be able to gain all that weight back anytime soon—even once filming is done for his upcoming movie.

The actor explains:

“The real health challenge is when you put [the weight] back on…You can’t just start eating cheeseburgers and ice cream. Your body will go into shock, and it just won’t work.”

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