OCTOMOM‘s kids have recorded a holiday song, titled “I’m Ready for Christmas,” and they call themselves the “Roctuplets”!

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If you thought that Octomom won’t be making entertainment news because she’s in rehab, you were gravely mistaken.

The single mom (real name: Nadya Suleman) hasn’t been released yet, but her own kids—yes, all 14 of them including her famous octuplets—have followed their mother’s footsteps and ventured into the music business with a song called “I’m Ready for Christmas.”

Although we have to say, we’d pick these little cuties’ songs over Octo‘s dance track, “Sexy Party.”

As for why these kids released a song—now available on iTunes!—and majorly publicized themselves for the first time, Suleman reveals the song’s proceeds will be put in a college trust fund for her kids, along with her porn money.

Check out the “Roctuplets,” their siblings and their new single:

Photos By PR Photos / Roctuplets’ Website

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