OLIVIA MUNN gets herself all wet in a new feature from the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

See for yourself:

oliviamunn vanityfair1

The “Magic Mike” star has never been shy about showing off her stunning hourglass figure (she’s even posed nude for a bunch of PETA billboard ads a couple of times) and in this new issue of Vanity Fair, the actress shows off her curves as she takes a dip in a pool while wearing a sexy black gown.

In the accompanying interview, Olivia talks about the better option between working on a sitcom and being on a TV drama like “The Newsroom,” which she currently stars in:

“I think most actors just want the opportunity to do great work. And when you get that chance with people like [Aaron] Sorkin, [Steven] Soderbergh, [Jon] Stewart, it doesn’t matter if it’s a comedy or a drama, you just bust your ass and do everything you can to try to do their work justice, never, ever forgetting how lucky you are.”

oliviamunn vanityfair2

Photos Via Vanity Fair

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