According to celebrity news, RIHANNA wants everyone to know that she and CHRIS BROWN are “not together.”

Do you believe her?

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Most of the time, Rihanna and Chris Brown have been pretty honest about their relationship status—more so than many other celebrity couples—even though it’s really “nobody’s business,” but for some reason, it’s difficult for their fans to believe them when their actions prove otherwise.

So, when RiRi finally broke her silence and finally said flat out that she wasn’t in a relationship with the newly-single rapper—whom she admitted to still have loving feelings for two years after he physically assaulted her—we didn’t quite believe it either.

Or at least, we didn’t believe that they weren’t getting there.

When asked outright if they were together during a Facebook chat with Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live that it’s all actually “Nobodies Business,” she simply said:

“No. Not together.”


After all, them partying and making love music all the time is only adding fuel to the fire.

Do you think the two will get back together somewhere down the road?

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