According to the latest Hollywood gossip, RIHANNA reportedly thinks that RITA ORA is copying her style.

And she’s not happy about it.

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Rihanna prides herself on being a boundary-pushing trendsetter when it comes to fashion and is always aiming to shock with her sexy plunging gowns and edgy menswear ensembles.

So when sexy British singer Rita Ora came along—Jay-Z’s other protégé—with her Rihanna-inspired look, it didn’t sit too well with the actual Rihanna.

A source tells The Sun:

“When Rita started her career, Rihanna thought it was cute that she was copying her look… But now she’s getting pissed off, especially as Rita is getting a following by using her old tricks.”

It all came to a head when Rihanna saw Rita Ora’s red Marchesa gown at the 2012 MTV European Music Awards, which was quite similar to her red Elie Saab gown at the 2010 American Music Awards.

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The insider shares:

Rihanna was furious when she spotted Rita Ora’s dress for the [EMAs], a rose gown that looked like one she wore in 2010… But she was even more annoyed when Rita went on stage using an umbrella as a prop.”


And everyone knows umbrellas are Rihanna‘s thing.

Do you think Rita is copying RiRi?

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