Did RIHANNA’s uncensored topless pic for her “Unapologetic” album cover leak online?

Check it out:


Nobody (and we mean nobody) was surprised when Rihanna unveiled her new album cover for “Unapologetic,” in which she appears topless. It was, after all, a totally normal thing for her to do, considering how much she loves getting naked for photo shoots and exposing her nipples in sheer tops when she goes out for a night on the town.

But in the official, edited version of the album cover, you can’t see her nipples… for obvious reasons.

rihanna twitter unapologetic

Celebrity gossip websites have recently come upon an “uncensored” version of the album cover (seen above) which is being touted as the original, unedited version of Rihanna’s photo.

Still, there’s some question as to the authenticity of the so-called “uncensored” pic, because the singer’s infamous nipple ring is nowhere to be seen.

See the “uncensored” photo HERE.

Photos Via Rihanna‘s Twitter

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