ROBERT PATTINSON is just so happy that the “Twilight” saga is over, as seen in a video mash-up of his previous interviews for the book-turned-film franchise.

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Since Robert Pattinson started playing the role of the “ultra polite and very formal” yet sadistic vampire in the five-part “Twilight” movie saga, he has been very open about his, um, dislike for the “mad” author’s book “that shouldn’t have been published,” his movie character and his bizarre nickname, RPatz.

In fact, he probably thinks his leading lady-turned-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, is the only good thing that he got out of the depressing experience—other than his sufficient paychecks, that is.

Pattinson revealed:

“My entire performance is based on extreme discomfort having contact lenses in your eyes…it’s kind of a mixture of looking, like, slightly constipated and stoned. It’s quite easy to achieve.”

He didn’t have anything better to say about the baffling love story between Bella and Edward at the heart of the series either. Rob said in an old interview:

“He tells he killed forty or fifty people and he’s like, ‘You really shouldn’t [be with me]…and I want to kill you so much every single day, every moment I’m with you I’m desperately wanting to kill you.’ And she’s like, ‘I don’t care, I love you.’ And it’s like…there’s definitely something wrong with her, and there’s very obviously something wrong with me.”

But we know it eventually worked itself out in the end, with his character having a family in the newly-premiered final installment, “Breaking Dawn-Part 2.” And now, Rob simply can’t wait to move on from the vampire hype.

Check out the cool video mash-up of his interviews over the years that shows his disdain towards the movie, his “axe murderer” character and ultimately, how it wasn’t “bittersweet” for him that the saga has finally come to a close:

What do you think about Rob hating “Twilight”?

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