According to Hollywood news and gossip, BROOKE MUELLER reportedly left her two young sons with CHARLIE SHEEN in the care of DENISE RICHARDS—the actor’s other ex-wife—for the entire duration of her latest rehab stint.

Okay… that’s not weird.

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But really, it’s not… because even though they were both married to the same guy, which is the kind of female connection that would usually have them hating each other’s guts, Brooke and Denise are actually really good pals.

We could even go as far as to say that they consider each other family.

And that’s probably why Brooke, who recently checked into rehab for the nth time, decided to leave her 3-year-old twins, Bob and Max, in the care of her ex-husband’s second wife… who was kind enough to agree.

TMZ reports:

Brooke asked Denise to care for Bob and Max while she tries rehab for the 19th time, and Denise happily obliged… [she] will care for Bob and Max for “an indefinite period of time.””

Charlie, meanwhile, is “happy” to leave his sons in Denise’s care, since he’s currently very busy filming his TV show, “Anger Management.”

What a big, happy family they all are.

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