BRUNO MARS admits that he thinks the “Little Mermaid” theme song, “Part of Your World,” is the “best song ever written.”

Who knew that he was such a huge fan of the Disney song?

bruno mars performs part of your world

We all know Bruno Mars is one of the biggest (though not the tallest) singer-songwriters and impersonators of today—just check out his awards and give his tear-jerking and upbeat ballads a listen!—but according to the artist himself, there’s one particular song that he considers the best among the rest…

…”Part of Your World” from “Little Mermaid”!

But while we swoon about the amazing fact that Bruno is a Disney fan, it’s also interesting to know that he wasn’t always comfortable with singing the song made famous by the red-haired mermaid.

Bruno admitted during a performance on BBC’s “Live Lounge”:

“I could never get through [it] because choke up. It’s the best song ever written.”

He and his band then launched into an adorable rendition of the song live for the first time… and you know it was bound to be good.

They also covered another “Little Mermaid” track, “Under The Sea,” right after!

Watch their performance below;

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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