Celebrity gossip websites are going crazy over the fact that CHRIS BROWN has just shared a pic of himself and RIHANNA… who is seen clad in nothing but her underwear!

chrisbrown rihanna underwear

Though they keep saying that their relationship (even though they insist that they’re not together) is “nobody’s business,” the two keep flaunting their obviously rekindled romance by posting photos on their social media accounts that clearly show how intimate they are with each other… again.

Days after the sexy Barbadian singer posted a jaw-dropping photo of her hugging Chris while sitting in his lap on her Instagram account, the latter followed suit with an even more shocking photo, which showed him smoking a cigarette while sitting next to a makeup-free Rihanna, who was clad in lacy underwear as she huddled under what appears to be a camouflage-print comforter.

Brown captioned the pic:

“What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?”

Uh… we reckon it’d probably sound about the same.

What can you say about this latest intimate pic of the music industry’s most controversial non-couple?

Photo Via Chris Brown’s Instagram

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