Recent star news tells us that CHRISTINA AGUILERA actually comes up on Google search for the key words, “dying grandparents.”

Confused? So are we!

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We can imagine Christina Aguilera turning up on any search engine when you look for “‘The Voice’ mentor,” “celebrity weight gain,” “‘Lotus’ 2012 album,” “Adam Levine feud” or even just “your body”… but never for “dying grandparents.”

And yet, she does.

christina aguilera dying grandparents

Due to some sort of error in the search and some old articles about the pop star allegedly ignoring her, yes, “dying grandparents” a few months ago, tons of her pictures have been showing up at the very top of Google’s image results when given those two search words.

And we’re guessing she’ll be staying there much, much longer now that this report is being picked up by online tabloids and celebrity gossip websites.

Photos By PR Photos / Screen Grab

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