COCO‘s rumored boy toy, rapper AP.9, has hinted that they ARE having sex and bravely says he’s “not worried” about her husband, ICE-T.

Ooh. Burn!

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Rapper AP.9—who has been rumored to be doing it with Ice-T‘s naturally bootylicious wife Coco Austin based on the intimate Vegas photos that got Ice-T fuming mad last week (and for which Coco has apologized)—claims he’s NOT worried about any jealous husbands who may be out for revenge.

Guess those photos were not the only ones who were “disrespectful.”

Reporters caught up with AP.9 this weekend and shamelessly hinted that allegations claiming the attention-seeking bombshell was cheating on her longtime husband with him were true. When asked about the ongoing rumors, he answered:

“That’s a RUMOR? Is that a rumor?”

And because he just wasn’t interested in putting the speculations to rest, he added:

“No comment, man.”

But whether or not he was giving Coco she desperately wants, he admits he doesn’t care about Ice-T retaliating for whatever he was really doing with his wife.

AP.9 declared:

“I’m from the hood … I’m not worried about nothin’.”

Well, we shall see about that…

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What can you say about AP.9‘s comments?

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