DEMI LOVATO argued with PEREZ HILTON on Twitter over LINDSAY LOHAN in the wake of the latter’s recent arrest, celebrity news has learned.

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Demi Lovato is once again taking a stand against the obsessive media for one of the most bullied young celebrities of our generation.

This time, the “X Factor’ judge is slamming celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton for writing  sensational articles about Lindsay Lohan, who just got arrested for the nth time for allegedly assaulting a woman at club Avenue in New York City.

Lovato tweeted Perez after he published his post titled “Lindsay Is On Cocaine & Out Of Control’ Says Michael Lohan!”:

“hey how about you just leave her alone? Instead of kicking someone while they’re down?”

The gossip blogger defended himself and responded:

“The media (me) is not harming Lindsay. She is doing that to herself. She needs to take #accountability before she will get better.”

He added:

“She has been given chance after chance after chance to redeem herself and make good. Yet she’s like a broken record. And she doesn’t get any ‘free pass’ because her parents are both incredibly dysfunctional. She’s an adult, not a child or teen.”

A seemingly more sympathetic Perez wrote again afterwards:

“I do wish Lindsay well and hope she is able to sort out her issues for good before she ends up like her idol, Marilyn Monroe.”

But the enraged Demi continued:

“The media (not just you) don’t realize when you need to stop. This isn’t a headline for your readers. This is someone’s life.”

Perez stood still and defended his view. He argued:

“Do you really think @LindsayLohan wants the media to not write about her? She needs attention and creates drama to get it. #Truth”

He continued:

“I have compassion for Lindsay, but I don’t feel sorry for her. There is a difference. Glad U are doing well! Xoxo”

Demi quickly responded:

“Regardless, why does it need to become everyone’s business? If you believe someone needs help – help them.”

The blogger revealed:

“I have tried to help @lindsaylohan. More than once. But the details of that will remain private. Others have tried too. Often.”

So instead, he just wrote offensive articles about her. Lovato could’ve raised that point but she eased up, writing:

“I know you’re doing your job. But I like reading your site for the funny, uplifting random videos of babies or animals better ❤”

But that doesn’t rake in money or page views, does it?

The banter stopped from there and was replaced with several praise-filled tweets for each other (seriously), but Demi also tweeted for all her followers this weekend:

“I really wish we could go back in time when artists were known for their work. Not their personal lives.”

So much for this feud, huh?

As always, whose side are you on?

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