The latest Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that DEMI MOORE is out for big money from her divorce from her estranged husband, ASHTON KUTCHER.

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It turns out Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher‘s long overdue divorce—which the actor finally filed for this week after being separated from the actress the past year for his widely-reported cheating—is not much different from many other celebrity splits as one of them is fighting for more money from the other.

In this case, Demi (who is definitely still wealthier than the “Highest Paid TV Actor”) wants the big pay out.

She’s not crazy though—TMZ‘s sources says the actress simply wanted “wanted the same type of settlement” from Ashton that she got during her divorce from Bruce Willis… where she bagged a lot of money.

The site’s sources also reveal that Ashton simply doesn’t want to loosen his purse strings for Demi, which was why their lawyers are taking long to settle their divorce without bringing the matters to court.

And you know doing so would be really bloody.

We honestly think Ashton should just pay up… After all, he was the one who cheated.

Do you agree?

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