According to the latest star news, DRAKE is reportedly demanding royalties from all the companies that use the word “YOLO” for their merchandise.

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If you don’t already know this then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past two years, but the widely abused word “YOLO” is actually an acronym for the saying, “You only live once,” and it was popularized by famous rapper (and recent high school graduate) Drake, who used it in his song, “The Motto.”

Now, as evidenced by his frequent involvement in bar fights and public pot smoking parties, Drake lives by this saying every day… and although he doesn’t mind when people throw it around in every single conversation, he does mind that companies are now using “YOLO” to sell their products.

On Christmas Eve, the rapper posted the following photo on his Instagram and captioned it:

“Walgreens….you gotta either chill or cut the cheque”

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He later uploaded another photo and wrote:

“Macy’s…same goes for you.”

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It’s unclear if Drake is serious about getting companies to cough up some money for using the popular acronym, but it’s probably not going to happen even if he is… because he doesn’t own the trademark for it.

Do you think Drake should get royalties from all the companies that use “YOLO”?

Photos By PR Photos / Drake‘s Instagram

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