In recent star news, HALLE BERRY has gone to France with her fiance, OLIVIER MARTINEZ, for Christmas and (get this!) she left her daughter under the little girl’s father, GABRIEL AUBRY.

Like nothing happened, huh?

TYG 032041

For her next holiday since their troublesome Thanksgiving—when Halle Berry‘s past and present lovers got arrested and hospitalized for beating the crap out of each other right outside her house—the actress has decided to spend her Christmas with her French actor fiance, Olivier Martinez, in France.

And to enjoy an undisturbed vacation, she left her 4-year-old daughter Nahla with her daddy (her model ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry) while she jetted off to Europe via LAX over the weekend.

It’s the latest news that the love “triangle” was finally in good terms following their “amicable agreement” over their Thanksgiving brawl.

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