Hollywood news has just learned that HAYDEN PANETTIERE blew a red light and crashed her car in Nashville earlier this month.


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We have just learned of another terrible car crash because of reckless driving… and it’s not Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes.

The particular accident took place last November 14, when Hayden Panettiere was driving in Nashville, Tennessee (where she films her show “Nashville,”) and crashed her car in a BMW and Geo Prizm crash in an intersection.

According to witnesses, it could have been prevented if the sexy blonde actress didn’t run a red light and if the other driver didn’t run into her lane.

TMZ reported:

“According to the [crash] report, Hayden was driving in the right lane through an intersection when the other driver made a left turn into her lane — instead of into the left lane.”

The site added:

“A witness reported Hayden had a red light at the time of the accident.”

Fortunately, no one was hurt but their cars were both towed at the scene.

Photos By PR Photos

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