JAMES FRANCO has shared video footages of his younger self in his band’s new music video, “Can’t Say Goodbye.”

And as you can see, he was already a cutie back then!

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James Franco, who just recently directed and starred in the music video for R.E.M.’s new song, has just leaked a few of his home movies showing his family and himself as a younger boy for the new music video for “Can’t Say Goodbye” by his band, Daddy.  (And yes, he’s not just an actor, a fiction novelist, a  porn documentarian, a versatile model, not to mention one of the hottest male celebrities to date!)

But he probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for a sentimental purpose. According to Franco, the song was inspired by his father’s absence after he passed away last year.

He revealed to MTV:

“The song is really sad for me, actually. When I was in Detroit, my father died, so I wrote a song kind of about it.”

Franco continued:

“Then my mother had recently dug up all the home movies that she had, so we thought it would be a good connection if we used those images for this song.”

How sweet, right? If only his father could’ve seen it.

Watch the music video below:

Photos By PR Photos / Video Screen Grab

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