Celebrity gossip websites have just learned that KANYE WEST announced his girlfriend KIM KARDASHIAN’s pregnancy without her approval.


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Kanye recently announced during one of his concerts that Kim, his “Perfect B*tch,” is currently pregnant with his child… a fact that she has been trying to keep secret for the last few months.

It makes sense for Kim to want to keep the news hushed up since she’s technically still married to her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries, but according to sources, she’s not at all upset with Kanye and his big mouth.

TMZ reports:

“[Kim] was crying tears of joy when Kanye revealed they’re expecting, and was especially moved because he did it during one of her fave songs … “Lost in the World.””

The site continues:

Kim had “no idea” Kanye was going to tell the world she’s knocked up. We’re told she and Kanye had not discussed announcing it — and, in fact, had planned to say nothing until she started showing… Kanye was moved to blab on stage because Kim‘s BFF and her mom were at the show — along with several of Kanye‘s family members.”

But the Kardashian Klan never announces anything without making sure it gets an enormous amount of media attention… so even if Kim had no idea that Kanye was going to blab, it’s pretty likely that someone—most probably Kris Jenner—had a hand in the big reveal.

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