KATE UPTON is seen posing in a tiny bikini while sailing across the freezing cold Antarctic Ocean!

This woman really takes her job seriously.

kateupton antarctica1

Kate has come a long way since her first Sports Illustrated cover and the sizzling hot, bikini-clad “Cat Daddy” video on YouTube that made her the star of every man’s boob-filled fantasies. Since then, she’s actually had some fully clothed photo shoots (and in Vogue, no less!) without having to show even a hint of cleavage… which is a big step for her after all the seductive, semi-naked pictorials.

But every once in a while, she goes back to stripping off her clothes and wearing skimpy swimwear for the camera… because after all, it’s what she does best.

The voluptuous model appeared unfazed as she wore nothing but a tiny white bikini during a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, which took place onboard a boat that was sailing across the Antarctic Ocean—while the temperature was 35 BELOW.

kateupton antarctica2

Seriously… it’s a good thing her jelly bags didn’t freeze!

What can you say about Kate’s… um… dedication?

Photos Via TMZ

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