KRISTEN BELL guest starred right before the identity of “Gossip Girl” was finally revealed in the final episode of the show, which aired on Monday.

Do you think it’s her? MAJOR spoiler below!

kristen bell gossip girl

Entertainment news are buzzing loud about the shocking finale episode of “Gossip Girl,” which officially wrapped up it’s 6th season this Monday. It was certainly the most anticipated episode of the glamorous CW series, and for good reason—the plot-stirring narrator’s identity was finally revealed.

Coincidentally, its real life voice over, Kristen Bell, also made an appearance in the episode and acted in a scene with Rachel Bilson, who also made a cameo. They both star as themselves as they practice Blair and Serena’s lines for an “audition” as the two lead actresses on the show.

The now-pregnant actress surely had hearts beating as she read even the show’s signature opening line for the last time,with her very familiar voice and her eyes on the camera.

And a few seconds later, we find out who “Gossip Girl” really is.

Watch the SHOCKING revelation below:

Did you guess it right?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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