LADY GAGA has announced that she will be offering free counseling services for her fans on her “Born This Way” tour, entertainment news reports.

She really cares for her fans, doesn’t she?

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Following her public stands against eating disorders and her battle against bullying, Lady Gaga continues to reach out and help her fans by offering counseling services before each of her next few “Born This Way” concerts starting January 11…

free of charge!

Gaga, who’s had her own fare share of personal troubles in the past, announced on her Twitter on Friday:

“For those wondering about the ‘counseling’ at the BTWBall BornBrave pre-show, it will be a fun tailgating experience for monsters to unite.”

She continued:

“At the #BornBraveBus you have access to professional private or group chats about mental health, depression, bullying, school & friends. There will also be food and games, DJ White Shadow and Lady Starlight will DJ with host #BREEDLOVENYC to keep the experience fun.”

As for why she chose to have it, she explained:

“#BornBraveBus Is a place where mental health + depression are taken seriously w/ no judgement, FREE real help available to all. I feel like most kids don’t look for help because they feel embarrassed so mom + I wanted to break the stigmas around ‘help’ and make it fun.”

She does have a point.

But do you think this gesture would be greatly appreciated or do you think her fans will be offended that she thinks they need counseling?

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