LEA MICHELE has just revealed that she thinks her boobs are her “prizewinners.”

Hmm… kind of cocky, are we?

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Her breasts probably won’t make the top 10 list of Hollywood’s biggest boobs, but the “Glee” star is still pretty proud of them—which is probably why she’s always showing off her cleavage in sexy plunging dresses.

In her recent interview with Marie Claire, Lea talks about her beloved boobies:

“These babies are great. They are my prizewinners. For a while they were out and about, showing off on Broadway every night, then they came to L.A. and were like, ‘No one else looks like me here!’”

She continues:

“They were nervous to make their appearance but feel they’ve earned their place. So they asked if they could come out, and I was like, ‘All right, you guys.’ They definitely rose to the occasion, so I’m going to continue to give them more opportunities.”

Uh? Okay?

What can you say about Lea’s comments?

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