The latest Hollywood news reports that LIAM HEMSWORTH beat a drunken man to a pulp in a violent street fight in Philadelphia on Sunday morning.


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Miley Cyrussexy actor fiance Liam Hemsworth once again proved why no one should make him furious.

The “Hunger Games” actor was in Philadelphia leaving a bar on Sunday morning when things turned sour. According to sources, he reportedly thought that a drunken man “had thrown a rock at him and his friend” so the actor confronted the culprit.

What took place afterwards was clearly an unfair fight, with Liam punching the drunkard (who was clinging onto his leg) and pushing him down on the street ground while his friend held the man down.

Fortunately, no one was arrested or really hurt after the brawl. Despite the painful attacks, the victim didn’t seem to realize what just happened. He simply commented:

“I don’t think [Liam] fared much better.”

Right. He’ll probably singing a different tune in the morning.

And Liam better hope he doesn’t press charges!


Photos By PR Photos / Video Screen Grab

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