LINDSAY LOHAN is finally admitting that her life is now out of control, the latest Hollywood celebrity gossip tells us.

That’s a good start, right?

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Long after she was criminally charged for lying to cops about her car crash in June, got arrested for assaulting a woman in a New York club, was rumored to be drinking as much as 2 liters of vodka per day, got her bank accounts seized for tax debts and her probation revoked, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly admitting that she has lost complete control of her life and is in need of desperate help.

A report by TMZ claims the actress has been telling her friends that she thought he was done with all the┬átrouble-making when she was declared a free woman by Stephanie Sautner.┬áBut the thing is, she ended up ignoring Sautner‘s advice to “stop nightclubbing and focus on work.”

Now, Lohan is reportedly “inconsolable” and has constantly been in touch with her lawyer, Shawn Holley. She admits she needs counseling (not jail) and blames her situation on “bad” people and “opportunists” who love setting her up for a quick pay out.


But aside from being a reckless driver and someone with a “big problem with impulse control,” Lindsay insists that she doesn’t have a problem with drugs and alcohol.

Hmm, right.

Any thoughts?

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