Celebrity news tells us that LINDSAY LOHAN finally thanked CHARLIE SHEEN for his $100K gift check for her unpaid taxes.

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Better late than never, right?

Days after Lindsay Lohan was called out for being ungrateful by Charlie Sheen, who sent her a hefty $100K check to help cut her tax debts in half last month, the actress quickly sent her “Scary Movie” co-star a “thank you” card (as a token of her gratitude) and a bouquet of flowers (as an apology) to his home.

As for why it took her this long, sources tell TMZ:

LiLo didn’t mean to be rude and the reason she never got around to thanking Charlie personally is because her phone broke and she lost all her contacts — including the actor’s number.“

Of course, this was on top of her latest legal problems—getting arrested for battery and criminally charged for lying to cops about her car crash last summer on top of her probation revocation—because of which she “simply lost track of time.”

Now Charlie probably expected a little more than that by now, but it’s probably all that she can afford for the gesture since her bank accounts were seized.

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