Entertainment news has learned that LINDSAY LOHAN made fun of her legal troubles in her upcoming comedy flick, “Scary Movie 5.”

Who knew she was a good sport?

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Lindsay Lohan refuses to talk about her personal life, but she definitely has no qualms about joking about it in a movie.

According to TMZ, Lindsay‘s return in the spoof-filled “Scary Movie 5″—in which she gets into bed and gets intimate with the equally troubled Charlie Sheen (minus the kissing)—makes fun of the actress’ numerous mishaps that have made the tabloids in the past few years.

For example, Lohan says before she and Charlie start making a sex tape in the film:

“Okay but let’s do this quick, I got a court hearing in the morning … It’s a driving mishap thing.”

But there’s more!

The site reports their scene features LiLo‘s sobriety monitor, a tracking anklet and even a dog shock collar… for sexual purposes. Then when an invisible entity throws her co-star across the room, the actress screams in terror reportedly because she was watching her movie, “Herbie: Fully Loaded.”

In the newly released trailer, it shows that she was screaming because she saw news about her probation being revoked.

It also refers to Lindsay‘s recent criminal charge—when she lied to cops about driving when her car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway took place this summer—by having her run over Charlie with her car and throw the keys to someone else, to whom she says:

“You were driving.”

The site notes that these are “working scripts” and could ultimately be cut from the movie. But would you want to see them when the movie comes out next year?

Watch the trailer below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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